You are now entering the …… blogosphere!

Have you traveled through the blogosphere yet?  Are you a blogger, or do you know one?   Is your day not complete until you have checked a specific blog or two?blog graphic

Red Apple School has a blog on its recently updated website and we are looking for contributors to it.  Blogs have exploded on the scene in the last few years.  You can find one on just about any topic – music, finances, home decorating, recipes, cars, environmental consciousness, fishing, parenting – the list is seemingly endless.  You can even find blogs on surviving a zombie apocolypse. Any thoughts that anyone has can be put into a blog. It is your opportunity to share your thoughts and insights with the world.  It is a place to ask questions, find answers, sound-off on frustrations or connect with like-minded people.

Blogging is a whole new adventure for many of us.   Despite the vast array of them on the internet, many people have never blogged or even thought of themselves as a blogger.  Most of our staff has never blogged – and some of us even find it a bit intimidating!  We wonder what we could possibly have to share that anyone would want to read.

The answer is simple:  LOTS!  Parents – and grandparents — do too. At the very least we all share a common love for young children.  But what other things do we share?  A common faith, similar parenting questions and concerns, funny stories about the young children in our lives, practical ideas about living and working with young children,  thoughts on families in our modern world – this list is seemingly endless, too.

We are looking for blog entries from throughout the Red Apple family.  We want you to share your thoughts and ideas with all of us.  You’ve never written a blog?  That’s ok; we’ll work through it with you.  The idea of writing anything makes you think of your high school English class – and that isn’t a good thing?  Blogs aren’t nearly that formal – and we aren’t grading them!  You’re interested in writing but you don’t have any ideas about a topic?  We can help you figure that out.

I hope I’ve gotten you excited about blogging – or at least interested.  You can send me a blog on any topic at any time or you can contact me to discuss possible ideas.  Working together, we can make our website another vibrant part of the Red Apple community.

Send blog entries to Assistant Director, V’Ann Giuffre at or contact her at 817-284-7833.

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