Goldilocks Re-visits Red Apple School

This blog was written by a Red Apple Graduate, 9-year-old Zoey Rigole. Our Kindergarten class performs a “Goldilocks” play each year and Zoey played the role of Goldilocks when she was at Red Apple School. She had the opportunity to come back for this year’s performance and kindly wrote a review about her experience.

My favorite memory in kindergarten at Red Apple School was when I was Goldilocks. I had a lot of fun. It was awesome to see a new group of kindergarteners do the play. Mrs. Lacey, Mrs. Troy, Mrs. Gacnik, Mrs.Copeland and Mrs.Rigole (aka my mom) did a great job with the practice and the play. My favorite song was the last song when they held up their socks. I think the play was just how I remembered it but better. I was grateful to be able to come back to see the play. I loved the cast and all the costumes. It was also great how smoothly the scenery was moved. I thought ninjas were moving it thanks to Mrs.Troy and Mrs.Rigole. I wrote this to tell everyone how I felt to come back to see a play Red Apple kindergarteners have been doing for many years.

-Zoey Rigole, Red Apple Graduate 2011

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