Spring Break Rocks!


By Jake Parsons
Out-of-town guests. A backyard-photography adventure. One custom, pine-wood car. A few doctors visits…yuck! A trip to the jump-zone. Some early nights. A few late nights. A nap or two. Star Wars Legos. Mermaid Barbies. A knight’s adventure and a princess rescued. And a few rock piles in the mud.

That was my spring break. I guess you could say, “We didn’t have any plans.” But a lot got done. Lost time was regained. Stolen-sleep was found. Some rocks got moved.


What a present, what a gift. “Thank you God for holidays. (I’m obviously not responsible or diligent enough to block off the time on my own.) I really appreciate you using the calendar to love me and my family. Thanks!”


After my son had piled his collected-rocks, he immediately began to re-pile them, elsewhere. After a few frantic moments of rolling stones all that remained were their impressions. Each had left its own unique residual mark. Our afternoon’s work was enshrined in mud and clay, sand and stone. I fought the urge to get my camera. It seemed right to capture the image of the residue of our labor. The impression of what had occupied less than an hour’s work suddenly seemed to matter so much.

When the break is over, when this time-off has expired and when we step (or when we’re forced) back in to the daily-grind, we’ll see what lasts. I have hope that I’ll see the residue of love and the impressions of kindness remaining in my family. The “work” of time set aside for purposes greater than I could have imagined. All that was required were a few moments to stop and sit, wait and be.

Dear God, thank you for rocks. Impress your love upon us. Make us willing recipients of your kindness. Let the residue of your love cling to us and strengthen us to cling to one another in your Son, Jesus Christ.



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