Incorporating Music and Movement Into Daily Life

Written By Michelle Bradberry and Kerry Wilson, Red Apple Music and Movement Teachers

Our Music and Movement class at Red Apple School is a fun weekly experience that allows the students to be introduced to various songs, music concepts, instrument families, and new ways to move their bodies. We aim to have fun, and also to provide opportunities for the children to be challenged physically and mentally. However, there are many easy ways to incorporate music into your “together time” at home that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Allowing your preschooler to make music in the kitchen can lead to lots of creative enjoyment. Turn up the music and provide access to safe non-breakable “instruments” such as wooden or plastic spoons, plastic bowls, metal pans or bakeware, plastic storage containers or lids. Encourage your learner to listen for the beat and play along. They will love being part of the band. You could even save recyclables and let your child’s creativity turn those unneeded items into an instrument such as a drum set.

We also encourage you to explore different genres of music with your child. Exposure to different styles of music might have your student, (and you) dancing throughout the house which will emphasize body awareness and help develop gross motor skills.

Other ways to have fun and an active time at home are to encourage your learner to gallop, run, hop, and march. If marching, have your child get their knees up high and move their arms, too. These types of simple movements are great cardio related activities. Balancing on one foot at a time is also a good challenge to practice occasionally. In our class, we often do activities where students cross the mid-line of their bodies. For example, have your child put their left hand on their right knee. Then ask them to switch, by putting their right hand on their left knee. This can be a challenge for young children, but a great activity to stimulate their growing minds and bodies.

In Red Apple School’s Music and Movement class, we enjoy the blessings of our healthy minds and bodies from God by exploring the wonderful world of music!

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